Advertising Guidelines

NOTICE: Deadline: First Day of each Month

Please note: Deadlines are a month before publication. For example, the Deadline is November 1st for the December newspaper.
Thurston-Mason Senior News

The Senior News is an advocate on issues that are important to senior citizens and their families. It is also the only publication with affordable advertising rates for you to reach out to 16,000 seniors. As a result, you can be increasing your business by selling products and services directly to the senior citizens in our community.

The Senior News is published by the Thurston-Mason Council on Aging and is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3).


The Senior News is published monthly and its circulation is 17,600. It is mailed free to seniors’ homes and distributed for pick-up all around Thurston and Mason counties — in senior centers, community centers, libraries, senior housing locations, and medical and dental offices.

Thank you for supporting this publication for our communities’ seniors!

Rate Card Effective Starting August 15, 2021


Charlie Kirry, Editor, Senior News

Phone: (360) 628-6692


Address: P.O. Box 7624

Olympia, WA 98507



1st day of each month. No exceptions.
Please note: Deadlines are a month before publication. For example, the Deadline is November 1st for the December newspaper.



You may pay by check or debit/credit card.

Advertising Rates:

Please get in touch with Charlie Kirry,
Executive Director of Senior News, at (360) 628 – 6692 or email editor.seniornews@gmailcom.
Editorial/ad space is available to purchase. Ad design is available at $85.00 hr.  Ads Insertion are Prepaid by check or Credit or Bank Card ( PDF Below )
and Signed Contracted ( PDF below )


Ad Insertion Frequency
Block – 1 column x 2 inches
Business Card – 2 columns x 2 inches
Eighth Page – 2 columns x 4 inches
Quarter Page – 2 columns x 8 inches
or – 4 columns x 4 inches
Half Page – 4 columns x 8 inches
Full Page – 4 columns x 16 inches
Open Rates, Per Column Inch


Complimentary color for display advertisement only (full-color process)


Based on a signed contract, paid at the time of insertion order.
Preferred positions include pages 1 (limited space, 20% upcharge), 2, 3, page (10%), space available.


1 column 2 1/4 inches
2 column 4 7/8 inches
3 column 7 1/2 inches
4 column 9 3/4 inches
Gutter 1/4 inch

The live ad space of a page is 9.75” wide x 16” high.



Art should be provided in the correct size as a PDF with a minimum resolution of 300dpi.
The digital art should be prepared in CMYK preferably, unless the ad is black only.
Black text or black line art in a CMYK ad should be made as a 100% black layer, and not process color builds as black.

Please print out the following Ad Insertion Agreement/Contract/Invoice and fill out the agreement and payment information. Then mail the document to:
Senior News
P.O. Box 7624
Olympia, WA 98507

Thank You for advertising in the Senior News