NOTICE: Deadline: First Day of each Month

Please note: Deadlines are a month before publication. For example, the Deadline is November 1st for the December newspaper.

The Thurston-Mason Senior News

The Senior News is a monthly newspaper published by Thurston County Council on Aging. a non profit Charitable organization 501 (c)(3).

The Senior News is distributed to over 19,000 seniors at the end of each month. The newspaper is supported through reader donations and advertising sales.

Deadline for articles, ads, address changes etc. is always the 1 first day of each month.

Why Advertise in The Senior News?

The Senior News has been published monthly since 1977. Advertisers choose the Senior Voice because it offers affordable ways to reach a targeted consumer group with high spendable incomes. It allows advertisers to reach over 19,000 consumers in the Thurston, Mason and part of Lewis Counties, areas through a single publication.

Reader Credibility
The Senior News publication that has built credibility with readers for many years, and advertisers know the value of that. The average age of our readers is 60 they attended college, own their homes, and travel often, according to our surveys.

Professional Advertising Services

  • The Senior News has helped local businesses make their advertising dollars count by reaching this select group of consumers.
  • The Senior News a monthly publication, offers seniors in Thurston, Mason, and part of Lewis Counties opportunities for reaching to senior 55 plus markets.
  • Thurston, Mason, and part of Lewis Counties help you with your marketing messages.
  • Our editorial focus emphasizes information concerning health fitness, medical care, long term care, religious & encouragement, security, etc.- issues which are relevant to the mature audience. By placing your marketing messages in our monthly newspaper mailed directly to you.
The Mission: The Senior News a free monthly newspaper providing information affecting older adults and adults with disabilities living in our communities with vital information on government, local resources, and programs available to them. The articles include the Medical Equipment Bank, Medicare, Social Security, Meal on Wheeles, Free Lunch, fraud, Home Safety, and topics that relate to older adults.

The Senior News provides essential information to help older adults stay active, live happier, healthier, safer, and independent lives, and remain in their homes longer. 

To be added to the mailing list, send your name & address (with hopefully a donation) to:

Senior News
PO Box 7624
Olympia, WA 98507

Business Display Advertising: contact Charlie at
Phone: (360) 451-5699

Articles are accepted at, but no promises made that we’ll have room to fit in all we receive. Local flavor, brevity and photos help.

The Senior News is published monthly. Advertising or articles due the first day of the month and won’t be in the reader’s hands till the end of the month and then the next one won’t be for another month.