NOTICE: Deadline: First Day of each Month

Advertisers, because an early printing date has changed, we had to change the deadline date for ads and editorials to the first day of each month.
Sorry, no exceptions

The Thurston-Mason Senior News

The Senior News is a monthly newspaper published by the non-profit organization, The Thurston County Council on Aging. 16,000 papers are produced and distributed the end of each month (half direct mail/half to approx. 350 drop off locations) The paper is free and is supported through reader donations and advertising sales. Deadline for articles, ads, address changes etc. is always the second Friday of each month.

To be added to the mailing list, send your name & address (with hopefully a donation) to:

Senior News
PO Box 7624
Olympia, WA 98507

Business Display Advertising info is in this website, please drop us an e-mail with any questions.

Articles are accepted at, but no promises made that we’ll have room to fit in all we receive. Local flavor, brevity and photos help.

Remember we only come out once a month. Advertising or articles you send the second Friday won’t be in the reader’s hands till the end of the month and then the next one won’t be for another month. If you’re announcing something that is happening anytime next month, you need to send info by the second Friday of this month.