Medical Equipment Bank

The Medical Equipment Bank is sponsored by The Thurston – Mason Council on Aging: “Your Medical Equipment Bank is like a library; borrow the equipment you need and then return it when you no longer need it.”

The Burgman family donates the space for the Medical Equipment Bank in honor of the memory of Ann Burgman, co-owner of Woodlawn Funeral Home.


Woodlawn Funeral Home and the Medical Equipment Bank are two separate businesses. The employees at Woodlawn do not have information regarding the items available at the Medical Equipment Bank. Please do not bother the Woodlawn staff, as they are kind enough to donate the space.

Please don’t leave items outside. Woodlawn is nice enough to donate to the space for the Medical Equipment Bank; we need to be respectful. Let’s not make a mess.

Thank You,

The Board of Directors



Location and Hours:

Woodlawn Funeral Home is located at 5930 Mullen Rd Se in Lacey.
The Medical Equipment Bank is in the back of Woodlawn Funeral Home in the basement.

Medical Equipment Banks

Medical Equipment Banks are like libraries; borrow the equipment you need and return it when done.

The Medical Equipment Bank in Lacey is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays (hours are 10 am -11 am).

You must go to the Medical Equipment Bank’s location to see what items are currently available for loan. The Medical Equipment Bank’s phone line is not a messaging service and is for information only, unless you are seeking or donating a working hospital bed.

We recycle and Refurbish used Medical Equipment. Our volunteer staff collects used equipment and loan it out for free. We loan out items such as wheelchairs, portable commodes, transfer benches, shower benches, walkers, rollators, adult depends, canes,  and so much more to anyone who needs it. Medical supplies must remain in original packaging, or we cannot accept them – sorry.


Charge Any Electrical Equipment

Medical Equipment in Working Condition: Before donating them to the bank, please charge up electric wheelchairs, scooters, and testbeds.
The Medical Equipment Bank only accepts items in working condition and will test the electrical equipment before unloading. If they are not in working condition, we cannot accept them.


Sanitized Items

Please sanitize all items before donating them to the bank.


Volunteers Needed

We gratefully welcome new volunteers who can work an hour or two a week (you choose the day), either Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday (hours are 10 am -11 am). Saturdays are our busiest day, and help is most needed this day.

The Medical Equipment Bank Volunteers have flexible hours. Currently, we are looking for volunteers to fill roles such as:

  • Greeter at the Equipment Bank
  • Customer Service to help people find their items
  • Handyperson fix or repair items

We are proud to say we are an official dropoff station for the Lions Club (glasses and hearing aids); you can drop them off either upstairs or downstairs with us.

Your generous donations are appreciated. You can print off this donation form and either drop it in the yellow container at our location, or you can send them to:
Medical Equipment Bank
c/o Senior News
PO Box 7624
Olympia, WA 98507